Protect Our Democracy

Demand that unaffiliated and small party candidates be allowed to collect digital petition signatures to protect their volunteers and constituents from COVID-19 infection.

Dear Governor Polis and Secretary of State Griswold,

Colorado is a shining example of free, fair, and easy elections to the rest of our nation. We are proud of our reputation for making vote-by-mail a standard and maintaining some of the highest voter turnouts in the country. In Colorado, we take democracy seriously, and that is our strength.

That is why we, the undersigned, implore you to protect our democratic institutions by ensuring that smaller-party and unaffiliated candidates are able to be included on the ballot this November. 

Requiring them to collect in-person, hand-written signatures unnecessarily puts the candidates, their volunteers, and their constituents at immense risk of contracting COVID-19. 

There are already a large number of secure and verifiable methods for collecting digital signatures. We ask that you immediately implement one of these systems, in order to protect the health of our communities, as well as our reputation for free and fair democracy.

Thank you for your tireless work to lead us through these scary and uncertain times. We applaud the steps you have already taken to protect Coloradans.

Will you sign?