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This campaign is about more than just electing Amitai to the Colorado State House. It is about more than electing a legislator who will propose bills and vote “yes” or “no.” 

It is part of a greater movement for economic equity and justice, about recognizing basic human needs as inalienable rights. It is about strengthening and organizing the voices of working people, the economically insecure, the homeless, and others who are underrepresented in the public sphere.

As a member of the Colorado State House, Amitai will continue to galvanize the movement of working people and the economically insecure in our state, fighting for their interests and material needs, and promoting solidarity of the working class.

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These are the values that inform Amitai’s platform and drive our movement for a just Colorado.

We believe in:

1. Solidarity

We support, fight for, and lift up the voices of all people who are often left out of decision-making processes. We demand justice for all who have been affected by systemic inequality and violence. We seek compensation for those who have not fairly benefited from our growing economy. This includes the working class, People of Color, our Indigenous neighbors, women and femme folks, the LGBTQIA+ community, the homeless, children, the incarcerated, immigrants, and religious and ethnic minorities. This also includes you.

We are a community and when one of us is in need, we all must join together to lift them up.

2. Revolution

Band-aid reforms do nothing if the system still creates and maintains inequality. Incremental change doesn’t help those who need change the most. We must revolutionize our system entirely. We seek to boldly reimagine how our government and our economy can truly benefit all of us.

This requires hard-working people, a movement that is ready to plan, organize, and act together for greater change.


Too often, the voices of the wealthy and privileged - corporate leaders, millionaires and billionaires - are the only ones consulted in creating policy. They fund campaigns and buy politicians. From campaign finance to policy development, democracy must be put back in the hands of the people.

We need more working class voices in the Colorado government.


Real Democracy does not only occur on a Tuesday in November; it is extended to every aspect of society, including the workplace. Why do we give up our liberty as soon as we walk into our job? The freedom of speech? The right to assemble? Instead of ensuring our safety and representation, our elected officials protect the power of corporations to coercively deny us those rights every day through the threat of unemployment.

Our system should protect the power of people, not the people in power.


Stronger democratic institutions start with how we plan and develop policy. This campaign is bringing together residents, experts, and activists to work together, co-create, and own the platform.

We have big, revolutionary dreams for Colorado, but we can’t make them happen alone!

We need your ingenuity and participation to guide this movement. Why don’t you join one of our policy groups or organize your community to help us revolutionize Colorado’s democracy?

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