Our Campaign Marches Forward

I want to begin by entreating you to read my statement on the protests in Denver. Everyday in this world, we stand at a crossroads to choose the path of justice and love for each other, or to stand idly by, complicit in oppression. This campaign refuses to ever choose the latter.

Now for the update:

Thanks to the demands made by you and other supporters of independent candidates across Colorado, Governor Polis signed EO 64 on May 15th, allowing us to collect ballot petition signatures by mail and email! Now we have a safe and fair chance to be included on the ballot this November!

Between June 1st and July 27th, I need to collect 1000 signatures from residents of District 33 to be included on the ballot. In order to do that, I need your help to get the word out and take this campaign all the way to November and beyond.

In order to get those signatures, win in November, and push for revolutionary changes in the State Capitol, I need your help to grow our movement for the working class, so I have three simple requests to make of you:

1. Donate: Even if it's only $10, every cent helps us to pay staff and get the word out about our mission for a just Colorado. Our opponents have endless party and corporate funds to draw from, so the only way we can compete is with your help.

2. Volunteer: Even if for just one day a month, a movement is only as strong as its people. We need your help calling voters, collecting signatures, researching for policy plans, writing op-eds, and strengthening our community.

3. Recruit: Think of 3 people whom you think would support our campaign. Maybe they're passionate about ending homelessness, bringing down housing costs, protecting our environment, or increasing wages. Invite them to like our facebook page, follow our twitter, and sign up to join our movement.

Your faith, support, and energy are invaluable. They inspire me to keep moving forward, no matter how difficult or seemingly insurmountable the odds. You are a gift.