About Amitai

This is Amitai

Look at that guy? Who wouldn’t vote for him? So much soul. That kid ended up turning into this handsome fella.

He’s done a lot of cool things since he grew up. He started a nonprofit while he was in college, because he cared a lot about peace in the Middle East (don’t we all?). It wasn’t the biggest nonprofit, but he got to work with some cool people, spoke at some colleges, and was even invited to give a lecture at a conference in Germany (Amitai doesn’t speak German).

He went to grad school because people said that was the only way he’d get a job. Apparently “job” is adult for “more debt than you’ll ever pay off in your life” but, much like German, Amitai doesn’t speak adult.

Then he came back home to Colorado because everywhere else he lived was lame. It’s true. Try living somewhere else. It’s lame.

Then he helped his parents start a nonprofit because he’s the best son ever and his parents had some really cool ideas.

Now he works with them doing important things like elder empowerment, food justice, and interfaith coexistence.

Amitai has had some cool jobs and some lame jobs. These have included:

  • Summer camp director (cool)
  • Hotel telephone operator (lame)
  • After school youth empowerment educator (cool)
  • Dance studio accompanist (so cool)
  • Law office lackey (so lame)

Some other fun facts about Amitai include:

  • He once lived in a barn for a summer. It was not nice.
  • His first job was as a child actor in Hollywood. Look up his IMDB. There’s like one thing. He wasn’t good.

Amitai is really into dogs. He’s pretty good friends with three in particular. This is Sophocles “Sophie” Gross (AKA Comrade Cuddle-Pup), his parents’ Maltese. And two handsome German Shepherds live with his girlfriend. They’re Kenai and Kovu. Sometimes these furry folks show up on the campaign trail with him, so if you’re lucky, you’ll get a pamphlet covered in Kovu’s slobber (he’s a licker).

Amitai plays a lot of instruments. He can’t really remember how many. If he doesn’t play it already, give him an hour, he’ll learn. He writes songs and sings, but under no circumstance should he be allowed to dance (it’s terrifying). He also tells stories, writes poems, and reads a lot of old books on history, philosophy, and sociology that he steals from his parents’ basement. They have a lot of books, they won’t miss them.

That’s probably everything you need to know. If you want to know more, why don’t you come to an event or read up on what sort of policy positions Amitai is fighting for.

People like to call Amitai “opinionated.” This is true. Amitai gets pretty heated about the social welfare of people who have less than others. He’ll go on passionate tirades about homelessness, Native American rights, animal abuse, environmental degradation, and predatory development. Other people would just like to finish their lunch in peace. Amitai ruins lunch.